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Staff of PT. PAMINTORI CIPTA includes permanent staff, associates,
advisors and recruited personnel. The permanent staff consist mainly of  :
  • Urban and Regional Planners
  • Urban Transport Policy
  • Transport Planners
  • Traffic and Transportation Engineers
  • Public Transport Specialists
  • Highway Engineers
  • Railway Engineers
  • Civil Engineers
  • Structural/Bridge Engineers
  • Soil and Material Engineers
  • Cost and Quantity Engineers
  • Transport/Computer Modellers
  • System Analyst and Programmers
  • Tourism Development Specialists
  • Technical Training Advisors
  • Economists and Financial Analysts
  • Management Specialist
  • Operation Researchers
  • Water Resources & Sanitation Engineers
  • Hydrological Engineers
  • Environmental Specialist
Although the qualifications and experience of our personnel varies
according to requirement, our policy is to provide our clients with university
trained experts with appropriate professional degrees, Ir., M.Sc, and Ph.D.
Scope of Services
Our associates and advisors are independent professionals or experts
from both overseas and Indonesia who regularly assist the firm on specific
projects. Our recruited personnel largely consist professionals employed to
work on specific project. Currently there are more than 100 associates or
advisors and recruited personnel assigned to projects undertaken by the
firm.  Our professional staff includes :
key personnel responsible for
running specialised departments
and maintaining the continuity of
concentration, personnel
relationships and total team work.
The number of permanent staff is
approximately 100 employees of
whom more than half  are
professionally qualified experts in
the fields making up firm's scope of