Our Clients

PT. PAMINTORI CIPTA continually seeks to offer the very best
consultancy services to many different clients by ensuring that the scope
of its services is individually tailored to the requirements of each  clients.
In this respect the firm now has an extensive experience in the provision
of services to a wide range of clients in both the Government and Private
sectors. These include :

Public Sector Clients:
  • National Development Planning Agency (BAPPENAS)
  • Ministry of Public Works/Directorate General of Highways
  • Ministry of Public Works/Directorate General of Human Settlement
  • Ministry of Public Works/Directorate General of Water Resources
  • Ministry of Communications/Directorate General of Land Transport
    and Inland Waterways
  • Ministry of Communication/Directorate General of Sea Transport
  • Ministry of Communication/Directorate General of Air Transport
  • Ministry of Communication/Research and Development Agency
  • Ministry of Mines and Energy/Directorate General of Mining
  • Ministry of State for Population and Environment
  • Ministry of Man Power
  • National Police Force/Directorate of Education
  • National Police Force/Directorate of Traffic Police
  • National Police Force/Jakarta Metropolitan Police
  • Local Government of DKI Jakarta/Regional Planning Development
  • Local Government of DKI  Jakarta/DPU-DKI
  • Local Government of DKI Jakarta (Dinas Perhubungan / LLAJ-DKI)
  • Local Government of Banten/Dinas Perhubungan
  • Local Governments of Gorontalo / DPU
  • Local Governments of Riau / DPU
  • Local Governments of East Kalimantan
  • Local Governments of Kalimantan Barat
  • Investment Coordination Agency/BKPM
  • Badan Otorita Batam

Private Sector Clients::
  • Skidmore, Owings and Merill
  • MVA Asia
  • Price Water House
  • Mott Mac Donald
  • Jakarta International School
  • PT. Grand Indonesia (Jarum Group)
  • PT. Cipta Karya Bumi Indah (Jarum Group)
  • PT. Rasunavest Investindo (Bakrie Group)
  • PT. Bakrie Swasakti Utama (Bakrie Group)
  • PT. Cakrawira Bumimandala (Sunter Agung Podomoro Group)
  • PT. Tiara Metropolitan Jaya (Sunter Agung Podomoro Group)
  • PT. Sunter Agung (Sunter Agung Podomoro Group)
  • PT. Primatama Nusa Indah (Sunter Agung Podomoro Group)
  • PT. Mulia Inti Pelangi (Mulia Group)
  • PT. Agung Sedayu (Agung Sedayu Group)
  • PT. Summarecon Agung (Summarecon Agung Group)
  • PT. Metropolitan Kencana (Ciputra Group)
  • PT. Danayasa Arthatama (Artha Graha Group)
  • PT. Bimantara Citra (Bimantara Group)
  • PT. Senayan Trikarya Graha (Kajima Group)
  • PT. Jaya Real Property (Pembangunan Jaya Group)
  • PT. Buana Sakti (Sampoerna Group)
  • PT. Thamrin Graha Persada (Mercu Buana Group)
  • PT. Swadaya Panduartha (SMR & Artha Graha Group)
  • PT. Waskita Mustika Indah (Waskita Group)
  • PT. Duta Pertiwi (Sinar Mas Group)
  • PT. Five Pillars Indonesia
  • PT. Kuripan Raya
  • PT. Dharmala Intiland (Dharmala Group)
  • PT. Satya Daya Raya (BNI Group)
  • PT. Trisarana Sumbaga
  • PT. Kuningan Persada
  • PT. Bentala Lestari
  • PT. Antilope Maju Puri Indah
  • PT. TCP Internusa
  • PT. Primata Nusa Indah
  • PT. Mandiri Dipta Cipta
  • PT. Pesona Marga Mandiri
  • PT. Senayan City Inti Persada
  • PT. Pasaraya Nusakarya
  • PT. Rizki Sentosa
  • PT. Plaza Nusantara Realty
  • PT. Nagaraja Lestari
  • PT. Graha Megaria Raya
  • PT. Aneka Bina Lestari
  • PT. Centra Lingga Perkasa
  • PT. Pakuwon Permai
  • PT. Mutiara Permata Mulia
  • PT. Mandiri Eka Abadi
  • PT. Mandiri Karya Indah Sejahtera
  • PT. Nusa Plaza Indah
  • PT. Wahana Cipta Sejahtera
  • PT. Bina Cipta Nusantara
  • PT. Priamanaya
  • PT. Citra Gemilang Nusantara
  • PT. Bangun Cipta Karya Perkasa
  • PT. Plaza Indonesia Realty
  • PT. Pentasena Bina Wisesa
  • PT. Carti Satria Megaswalayan
  • PT. Surya Gading Mas Sakti
  • PT. Graha Tunas Mekar
  • PT. Sarana Multiland Mandiri
  • PT. Carrefour Indonesia
  • PT. Griya Emas Sejati
  • PT. Kencana Graha Lestari
  • PT. Manggala Krida Yudha
  • PT. Tradisi Sejahtera
  • PT. Satya Prima Konsulindo
  • PT. Elite Prima Hutama
  • PT. Persada Mandiri Abadi
  • PT. Karya Megah Permai
  • PT. Almaron Perkasa
  • PT. Wiranusa Grahatama
  • PT. Duta Semesta Mas
  • PT. Hasta Kreasi Mandiri
  • PT. Jakarta Propertindo
  • PT. Menara Prambanan
  • PT. Jakarta Realty
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