Corporate Approach

PT. PAMINTORI CIPTA has developed its skills
from the expertise, qualifications and
experience of its management and professional
staff practising as a professional and
independent consultancy. It has frequently
worked in association with internationally well
known foreign consultancy firms from a varied
of countries, and has established a leading
reputation in Indonesia particularly with respect
to transfer of technology to Indonesian staff
and clients, in keeping with Indonesian
conditions for the mutual benefit of both.  
The approach of the firm is dedicated to the task of conceiving with
imagination and designing with competence, the professional services it
provides to meet individual project needs in a rapidly changing

The staff of professional and technical personnel is fully
departmentalised to deliver highly specialised services, as well as
seeking to develop good personnel relationships both internally among
local staff and externally with foreign firms as a basis for sound and
harmonious work.  The firm constantly strives to achieve total satisfaction
of Clients by consistently maintaining high quality work, continuity staff,
good personnel relationships, and the highest professional standards.

The firm's corporate approach also offers consultancy services to a wide
range of different clients, including not only Government Agencies, but  
also Private Institutions, and Entrepreneurs order to maintain an
extensive experience record and generate innovative sound and
appropriate responses to individual client requirements.
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