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With over twenty five (25) years of experience in providing consultancy services,
we are particularly well known and strong in the field of transportation and
maintain strong personal relationships with our clients..
  • Land use and transportation studies
  • Short, medium and long term transport
    development plans and strategies at urban,  sub-
    regional, regional & national levels
  • Multi-modal transport studies & computerised
    transport modelling
  • Specific transport planning, modelling & market
  • Transport economics studies
  • Transport institutional studies
Our awareness and
care with the quality of
the environment have
led us to expand our
capabilities to include
environmental impact
and protection aspects.
Because all physical
developments will,
inevitably, have impacts
on the surrounding
environment and
  • Public transport planning, operations,
    management, programming & policy
  • Bus and rail passenger market research
  • Services and fares planning
  • Financial and economic appraisals for
    tranport investments
  • Transport organisation, regulation and
    management studies
  • Publicity and passenger information
  • Multi-modal interchanges and stations
  • Environmental impact assessment,
    measures and protection, preservation
    and conservation programs.
industries, buildings, highways, railways, bridges, airport, harbours, terminals,
  • Environmental research and analysis of air quality and emissions, noise
    and vibration, water pollution, landscape impact, severance, ecologycal
    effects, effect on land value,  visual intrusion, etc.
  • Environmental management.
We offer a full range of professional and technical services in the following  aspects :
  • Jakarta Light Rail Mass Transit (LRT) System Network
  • Jakarta Busway System Network
  • Surabaya Light Rail Transit (LRT) System Network
  • Surabaya Busway System
  • Integrated Multi Modal Mass Public Transport System Network for
  • Tangerang Banten Busway System Network
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quality of life, these issues are often critical to the success of development projects.
Over the past two decades, we have prepared various environmentally friendly