Depok - Antasari Toll Road
Depok - Antasari Toll Road Traffic Assessment
The objective of this study is to
evaluate the overall impact of Depok -
Antasari toll access development in
Cilandak area to its surrounding road
networks. Road network improvements
are therefore required by incorporating
traffic engineering and management
techniques in addition to road network
reconfiguration, and the development
of its supporting infrastructures.
Antasari - Depok toll road is one of
Jabodetabek toll road development plan
with total length of 22 km.  The road type
is  MW6/2D (six lanes two ways with
median / separator). The plan of Antasari
- Depok toll road runs southward from
Cilandak Area – Jakarta Selatan (Sta
0+000), until it reaches Bojong Gede (Sta
21+675). This road end is connected with
Cibinong arterial road. Elevation of toll
road approximately between 65 m to 114
m above sea level.
Main access of toll road from DKI Jakarta was Cilandak area, precisely at
the end of Jl. Pangeran Antasari. In this area, an interchange will be built
for which its interchange ramp is not only connecting Depok Antasari toll
road with outer ring road but also linking with the surrounding non toll road.
It certainly will bring significant impacts to the existing traffic performance
and accessibility of its surrounding land use. Rerouting of the existing road
is considered inevitably within the plan.
Further impact possibilities
required to study is whether
non toll road capacity
(arterial/collector) around
access point/ interchange are
able to accommodate demand
incensement due to toll road
access, and traffic diverting
impact due to Antasari
interchange layout to the
surrounding road networks
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